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Are You Protected?

Are you protected on the Internet?

In a recent case, a well known Internet site was selling their products throughout the United States via the internet. However, that company did not check into all the Federal and State laws and regulations governing internet commerce. And it cost them a "bundle"...

You see, it only took one disgruntled customer to cause a heap of trouble. That consumer decided to hire a lawyer. After viewing the website, the lawyer noticed that there were many things missing, which were required of websites conducting business in that state.

The lawyer filed a suit against the company. Not only did the website owner have to travel to the state where the suit was filed, but he also had to hire a legal team to defend him and his company.

A court decided that "though the defendant's business is not operated from that state, by selling to a resident in that state [via the internet], they must follow the [internet] laws established to protect consumers." It was then ruled that the business must pay for damages and litigation fees.

This case ended up costing the Internet entrepreneur a large sum of money because of a few neglected items (laws are laws). If the site had just known what information it must place on the website, they would have been protected, saving them a lot of time and money!!!

Are you protected? Do you know all the laws and regulations surrounding the internet? Let's face it, if you're on the internet YOU ARE in the public eye. It is only a matter of time before a simple complaint, or worse yet, some law-suing parasite looking for unprotected sites files suit.

Why even take a chance? The FREE information in InternetLawToday could have protected the business mentioned above from legal troubles.

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